E-Commerce and shopping carts

A fan wrote in yesterday asking what e-commerce site we use. For the time being, we are using Mal’s E commerce.
It’s cheap; $8.00 per month for their premium cart and free for their regular cart. It has all the functions we need at the moment for our very simple HTML site. There is another shopping cart platform we have been looking at called Magento. We hope to utilize this cart when we redesign our website.

Magento is truly the most amazing open source e-commerce platform that offers complete flexibility and growth to anyone seeking enterprise level solutions. They have CMS (content management system), marketing tools that can grow with your business, SEO (search engine optimization), international support to multiple currencies and languages, robust check out and shipping options and the list just goes on and on.

If you are planning to redesign your website/ shopping carts, we would SERIOUSLY recommend Magento. They also have a large network of programmers, web designers, hosting companies supporting this amazing shopping cart platform. And the best thing is Magento is free!!

No one in Magento is paying us to say this. We discovered Magento from a friend of ours, Tee from Lotus Seeds whom we met at the National Stationery Show last year. Tee is also a fabulous web designer. See her web design services at Lotus From The Mud.

4 Response to E-Commerce and shopping carts

  1. optipmete on August 2, 2008

    Very nice!!

  2. admin on August 2, 2008

    Thank you so much!! We will continue to try our best :) – Mel Lim

  3. webmaster forum on August 1, 2008

    Can i just say ive been going through your blog and you have really good writing skills, I think your style is better than some of the so called proffessionals – all credit to you!These days there are so manny blogs with content that is duplicated.I find relief while visiting your blog with its unique content and great topics,And makes for good reading.Good luck with your blog and keep up the good work.

  4. Stefanie on July 9, 2008

    Have you heard of E-Junkie.com and FatFreeCart.com? E-Junkie is a super easy to implement shopping cart and great for someone starting an online business. Just thought you might be interested in taking a look. :)


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